Tuesday, February 26, 2008


one reason for my renewal of this blog is my desire to create a style diary. i read TONES of street fashion blogs and style diaries. i am young and i am still trying to discover my own personal style. living in new york city i am a bit more experimental then i used to be. here is one from a while ago i hope i will post these daily. comment please
old navy skirt, the rest is vintage


so i haven't used this baby since um a long time ago. no one really read it then and no one will most likely read it now. but i still have things to show and say so im gonna do it anyway. i am a lot different then my younger blogger self. yet i still have many of the same passions. fashion, design, art, writing, and music. i am no longer a suffering suburban high schooler but am now a full time fashion/art student in the most amazing place in the world (in my opinion anyway) new york city. i want to open up this blog again to share my passions with whoever is out there. hope someone is listening
Saturday, November 18, 2006

Website/Blog of the day

Yo Yo Yo… here is a new game we are going to play here at FashionOutcast. (Hopefully) everyday I will try to post a really cool website and/or blog that I want people to check out. Just some fun for the whole fam.

Okay… today’s Blog is a random one I found clicking the handy “Next Blog” button… which will probably be how I will find most of these. It is called Someone’s In the Kitchen and it is basically a recipe book gone high tech. It is filled with cool recipes to try from a lady named Amanda in Canada. I am a big cooking advocate, basically since the takeover of American TV to the food network so I think I might try a few of her cookie recipes for the holidays. Also if you aren’t a typical cooker I suggest you start. Cooking is a major stress reliever and just plain old fun! I love getting together with friends and family and just baking or cooking. It will also reduce the cash problems created by constant takeout! I am not saying you have to take one of these recipes but you can always go to the generic Recipes.com or watch the Food Network (30 min Meals with Rachel Ray, as cliché as it is, is my fav). I also applaud Amanda for the idea of going digital with her recipe book. It is a pretty smart one that I just might consider :)

This website is her basically for laughs. It is called Overheard in New York and is basically a place where New Yorkers post random tidbits of weird conversations they have over heard around the city. It was one of Time Magazines coolest sites in 2005 and I can see why. Here is an example of what’s on the site

Hipster chick: I'd like to get my eyebrows done.
Korean woman: You have boyfriend?
Hipster chick: Uh... no.
Woman: No wonder. You have hairy upper lip.
Hipster chick: Okay...
Woman: No worry -- we clean up -- you have many boyfriend.
--Beauty parlor on W 8th St

Priceless right!!?? That’s why I love New York… you get to year crazy stuff everyday

*** FYI If anyone wants to share a blog or a website I would love to check it put and mention it!! Comment or email me

+ 44

When I first heard +44 I was rocking out in my car to FNX, my fav radio station. It was their single When Your Heart Stops Beating and I have to admit I didn’t know. This new band actually includes Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker from Blink 182. It seems that the whole band that had produced the peppy punk rock we have come to know and love through out childhood is splitting up and doing their own thing (for the time being). First it was the fantastic Angels and Airwaves fronted by Tom Delonge the unmistakable voice of Blink 182 and now it is +44. I recommend visiting their website to listen to When Your Heart Stops Beating ASAP! It is a great song, one that if you hear once, you will have it in your head all day. I’d buy the CD now before they sell out to MTV (they were sadly on TRL today) so you can say you were into them before all the rage occurred!

"I'll be there when your heart stops beating
I'll be there when your last breath's taken away
In the dark, When there's no-one listening
In the times when we both get carried away"

New Font, New FashionOutcast

So… If for some strange reason you have been following this blog (which I am pretty sure no one is due to my lack of comments) I am sorry because I am turning the whole thing around basically because this thing is sucking.

The term FashionOutcast was created by me in the creation of this blog. Now it is sort of my little known trademark, alter ego if you would. My email, SN, and a lot of other things are being inspired by this one term but the one thing I created it for is slacking! FashionOutcast is just a person whose fashion choices (or all choices for that matter) set them apart from others making them a bit of an outcast. The point of this blog in the beginning was to branch out to others who share this same disability (if you could call it that) and teach them that it is cool to break the mold. Whether it is fashion or music or anything really I believe people need to experience everything and judge for themselves what they think is cool, not what your friends or MTV does.

Now I think I am going to continue with that original mission statement and try to branch out to as many people as I can. This is a judgment free place. Sure this started out with fashion but I think I am going to turn this into a blog of knowledge. Things I think are cool, things you think are cool, just a giant exchange of ideas. Websites, blogs, clothes, designers, music, art, movies, tv, anything that inspires me that I think would inspire my audience I will post. I want people to comment and share. Email me at FashionOutcast@hotmail.com if you have anything you want me to mention or check out.

If you come across this blog by accident or find it on a link randomly I urge you to book mark it. Life is about experiencing things and discovering things. Here is an opportunity to do so and I urge you to take the chance because life is to short to second guess yourself.
Monday, October 23, 2006


Yay... I got an Internship!! It is at an amazing fashion company called MAAX which sells really preppy sportswear. I suggest that you check out the web site ( www.bluefishriver.com ) and support the company!! If you keep checking it you might get to see some FashionOutcast originals after a while!! lol check it out!
Thursday, September 21, 2006

Menswear = New Womans Wear

Alright..... my new obsession...menswear! vests.... and I don't meen the ugly santa embrodered ones that you grand mother wears... but the cute body hugging menswear version are so amazing. They cinch in all the right places and make you gorgeously skinny and it gives you that cute tom boy feel which is really nice! bright colors are good but a small collection of some classic colors like maybe navy, black, and white would definatly be a good investment. I would style them with bright t-shirts underneath or even in a warmer climate you can go with a tank to which can look really sexy if played right. so i suggest you go grab a few in a bunch of colors and start layering!! you will love how thin you look!!
Monday, September 18, 2006

okay... okay

Okay.... so I am a bad blogger... I get it. I suck.... I went like the whole summer with out a word! but I will make it up to you all this year... i promise!

Soo.... school is starting again and Fall is here! I LOVE fall! I know I say that about everything but fall in my town.... it is picturesque! I am really excited to wear my goodwill london fog trench find from the begining of the summer as well as taking out my box of scarves. ahhh.... well speaking of goodwill and second hand stores.... i think i have a problem.... i am obsessed. People think it is gross but i think an article of clothing, a piece of jewelry or even a hand bag with a bit of history is amazingly cool. I went there the other day and I got a gorgeously worn out leather Perry Ellis messenger like mini briefcase bag. it is so cute and it was like 2.30. then for 59 cents each i got a really pretty and dramatic clip on bow for my hair.... it is like silvery gray and really adorable and i got a long strand of royal blue plastic beads that are and amazing color. I can't wait to go pack when i get more cash. Anyone have any really good goodwill finds??? TELL ME!!! Let me bask in your glory! ohhh and i have a screen name now... it is Fashionoutcast.... so if you have any questions or suggestions or just wanna say hi you can reach me there! i will post better soon!
Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Holy Bejesus!

Do you smell that...?? IT'S SUMMER!! It's flip flops, pretty [yet cancerous :( ] tans, bathing suits, beach bags, floppy hats, beach books, sun, sun and MORE SUN! (plus NO School! Yay!) Now summer gets quite busy (see www.imisssarah.blogspot.com for the real detals!) but i swear i will try to keep up with my writings!

Okay so i have an anouncement that i just found out today... Project Runway (an all time FAVE fashion show) is back on for a new seson on JULY 12!! didn't it just end you ask? yes but insted of waiting another WHOLE YEAR like last time to start again they are doing it now! although i am kinda anti-summer TV i have a feeling PR can be an exception! so those who follow the show program your TiVo! ITS BACK!!
Saturday, May 27, 2006

My New Camera

Ahh.. my new digital camera is a slice of heaven. It is the most beautiful object I have ever laid my eyes on. Being a design person myself, many of my decisions in life are based on beauty. Of course that is only for shopping purchases like pretty perfume bottles and pink cell phones and things like that, not with guys and friends and stuff (I'm not THAT superficial!) So anyway... When I was in Staples picking out my camera I was simply drawn to My 5.0 mega pixel Kodak Easy Share V550 but not out of the fact is has a great zoom or how easy it is to use, I loved it because it was black, little and had a giant screen! The semi-cute staples guy kept on showing me all these other silver cameras and telling me all these superior facts about their memory and what not and all I said was.... "I really want the black one.. It's pretty!" He was kinda laughing at me at that point, after realizing I couldn't be persuaded. It was love at first sight.... What can I say! Well despite my unrational decision, this camera is really amazing on every level... Not just looks and design (all though it really is top notch!!) So I guess in some cases it pays to be superficial... That is the lesson learned.
Sunday, May 14, 2006

Playing Dress Up

Do you ever have this sudden urge to go somewhere you have never been or like escape on some random road trip or something?? thats what I have the feeling for right now!! I want to get all dressed up like i have some where to be, and drive off into the mist off to some random town and go exploring!! doesn't that sound fun?? But i am stuck here on this gloreous mothers day... dreaming of sunshine! (it has been downpouring for 3 days straight... major flooding everywhere... the whole 9 yards). Of course i got all dressed up anyways. There is something about getting dressed up.. eventhough no one really important is going to see you that make you feel good.. you know?? I do it all the time.

I am one of those people who would wear fancy shoes and a full skirt to school and no one would think anything of it! They have all grown a tolerence to me dressing up.. or down whenever i damn right please which i like. It has taken a while for me to build this up so i am quite proud of myself if this makes any sense. You see... there are people in this world who will wear a skirt or dress only about twice a year... so when they wear it people think... she looks out of place. But if people notice that you wear them all the time than it is different... you can dress up anytime you want and no one will think you look weird! It is a perfect situation really but it is hard to start up with out looking stupid.

You see... at least with high school... if someone who rarely wore skirts started wearing them all the time randomly people would talk. It would look like they just won some shopping spree or something and got a whole wardrobe makeover and people would probly make fun of you... it is cruel but thats high school. If you really want to make the transition you have to do it at the begining of the year or at the begining of a season change. Just do it slowly... start with one a week... then two.. then you can go up to every other day... or whenever you feel like it. i suggest you try it!! and you can get that little "all dressed up buzz" all the time!! good luck
Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I have to say... even though alot of people find it gross... that i love the Goodwill. Some stores are better than others but they always have something. Maybe it's my obsession with anything old or maybe it is my eye for finding purposes in purpose less items but i could really live in Goodwill. If you know what to look for that place is amazing. I bought a gorgeous vintage London Fog trench there for $5. Now a days London Fog sells the coats in their new coat collection for over $1,000!! It is in perfect condition too! I also found this beautiful hand crocheted blanket in rainbow colors and completely one of a kind for only$5. I just want to eliminate the gross rumors and let everyone know that if you know where to dig... Goodwill is full of hidden gems just waiting to be cherished!!
Monday, May 08, 2006

Oh My Goodness

So many cool things are happening!!

1. I got a new email address.... fashionoutcast@hotmail.com so if anyone wants to email me about anything (as long as is isn't junk or some stupid forward) about anything id love to chat!!

2. I got a new blog... it isn't like this one though and i am not gonna start really adding things till this summer but it is www.imisssarah.blogspot.com it is a bit more of a diary log kinda thing for this summer but you could check it out later if you want.

3. Have you seen the new Rolling Stone 1000th issue cover!??!?!? How COOL is that!! for those who have not seen it... it is like a giant hologram of rock, political and pop culture legends all together in this giant 3D collage. i didn't think you could do that on a magazine!! That ones going on the wall.